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I don't drink tea, coco cola, coffee or energy drinks. I have overly large feet and plain Jane hair. I’m not skinny and i don’t come from a broken family. In other words I’m not a fucking hipster. Woo. I miss Madtv and I love to read. Read! Real books and not stupid books that stupid people think are cool. No. they are not cool. You know what books I’m talking about. I’m obsessed with the show Misfits! Oh and my favourite font is 'Tahoma.' that is all.




do not fall in love with people like me.
i will take you to museums, and parks, and monuments, and kiss you in every beautiful place, so that you can never go back to them without tasting me like blood in your mouth. i will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. and when i leave you will finally understand, why storms are named after people.

Calm down John Green

'do not fall in love with people like me'

don’t worry i won’t

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when u go out to eat with ur friends and have no money


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When your opponent uses explosion and your Pokémon endure the hit


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not gonna argue with that
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